June 22, 2021

Summary:  New York City Signs and Awnings has expanded its delivery service of specific products including Sidewalk Cafe Barriers and Outdoor Dining Enclosures. Expansion is part of an effort to streamline delivery nationwide throughout the US and Canada.

New York City Signs

New York City Signs and Awnings has streamlined its manufacturing and ordering process to expand sales on the local, regional, and national levels for the company’s Branded Sidewalk Café Barrier and Outdoor Dining Enclosure divisions.  New York City Signs and Awnings has always offered shipping services to a variety of cities across the US and Canada.  Expansion of the program was begun to assist businesses affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and outdoor dining regulations. The custom branded barricades and dining enclosures are now able to reach more customers through the streamlining of manufacturing processes, quicker turnaround, better price points, and a local network of installers.

“Our shipping program is now intended to distribute our Custom Branded Sidewalk Barricades and Outdoor Dining Enclosures to any business that needs them in any location,” said New York City Signs and Awnings Founder and CEO Adriane Thomson. “We’ve been offering our products throughout New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago and the surrounding areas for decades. Now we have more flexibility to offer these high-quality products across the entire US.  We decided to do this in response to the urgent needs of businesses which were quickly scrambling to meet regulations for outdoor dining.   We had many customers contacting us who had never had outdoor dining spaces prior to the pandemic and needed planning assistance.  We were happy to help them find safe ways for their diners to enjoy outdoor sitting areas. Our goal is to help restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses affected by the pandemic to weather the storm and return them to sustainable growth.”

New York City Signs and Awnings has delivered Branded Sidewalk Café Barriers and Outdoor Dining Enclosures to the following industry sectors, including but not limited to restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, sporting and entertainment venues and events, festivals, parades, events, retail stores and more. Solutions range from defining seating areas and providing shelter from wind and rain to advertising and crowd control. 

Special flexibility of the new ordering program includes:

New York City Signs and Awnings has a strong network of sign and awning installers nationwide and are actively training these local installers to setup and service these products. “Every restaurant in America was suddenly forced to think outside the box and develop solutions for partitioning of outdoor and indoor dining spaces.  We’ve been doing this for years in NYC due to the nature of the city and its unique buildings and requirements for safety when it comes to dining outside,” said Rex Thomson, who runs the national installation program.  “We are more than happy to provide these products and our expertise to those who need it most, these business owners who have been forced to adapt quickly and who need to be prepared for their future.  Even though the forecast looks good for reopening and lowering restrictions, anything is possible.”

For more information on Branded Sidewalk Café Barriers please visit https://sidewalkbarriers.com  

For information on Outdoor Dining Enclosures, please visit https://www.wintervestibules.com


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