Barricades play a critical role in ensuring the safety of everyone during crowd events. A typical high-quality crowd control barricade controls pedestrian access. It can also provide a smooth flow of human traffic.

As we speak, many barricades are on the market, meaning that you choose only the most suitable depending on the outdoor event. 

The best are those that are light and portable, helping to quickly install and pack them away as soon as possible. Let’s explore different types of outdoor movable barricades:

1. Plastic Pedestrian Outdoor Movable Barricades
As the name suggests, these barriers are made of plastic. They are the most popular due to their durability and practicality. They also come in different attractive colors, helping you match them with an event’s theme or your brand.

But the most excellent thing about these barriers is that they are light and highly moveable. You can easily set them up and store them without extra help. You can also place signs or your company logo on the barriers.
2. Retractable Outdoor Movable Barricades
Retractable outdoor movable barricades might be just what you need in the retail industry or any establishment requiring queuing. These almost 3 feet crowd barrier types feature a built-in best system that restrains the crowds. 

While some come in plastic, others come with steel frames. They are easy to set up and pack away. The barriers are helpful for large, albeit temporary, crowds. The barriers also come in different color ranges and patterns. You can install signs or your brand logo on the belts,

3. Stanchion Outdoor Movable Barricades
Stanchion barriers are commonly known as post and rope barriers and comprise a loose twisted, or plastic rope connecting one post to the next. Restaurants and wedding receptions opt for these crowd control barrier types because of how convenient it is to set up. The post and rope barriers come in a wide range of pleasant colors, with a standard 3-foot height.

Different types of outdoor events and crowds need equally different types of crowd control barriers. The easier to move, set up, and store them away makes them convenient for any outdoor activities.
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