Open Rail Sidewalk Barriers: A Great Option For Your Restaurant

Outdoor seating is an excellent way to expand your restaurant’s space while providing a pleasant dining experience. But what about guiding your customers and keeping your outdoor area neat and organized? That’s where our custom sidewalk cafe barriers come in. Open rail barriers provide a safe and defined area for your patrons. They also add […]

How To Create An Orderly Event Entrance With Barricades

Making a memorable first impression at an event starts right at the entrance. It sets the mood, welcomes guests, and indicates how well the event will be managed. Imagine trying to manage a horde of excited attendees without any direction. Chaos, right? This is where event barricades come into play. These simple structures pack a […]

Custom Sidewalk Barriers: A New Angle To Increase Profits

Maestro's Steakhouse Outdoor seating cafe area with sidewalk partitions by New York City Signs & Awnings

Achieving greater business profitability requires more than hard work. It demands strategic thinking and innovative solutions. One such solution that has proven effective is the inclusion of custom sidewalk barriers. Our custom sidewalk barriers in NYC are designed with your company’s branding in mind. They act as an extended handshake to potential customers. With sidewalk […]

Event Barricades: Common Problems They Can Prevent

Sidewalk Cafe Barriers | New York City Signs & Awnings | Style C (1)

    Event Barricades play a crucial role in ensuring the success and safety of any event. These versatile structures are designed to address various challenges event organizers face, providing effective solutions that contribute to a smooth and secure experience.    From creating a safe environment to increasing visibility, regulating crowds, protecting property and equipment, […]

Outdoor Dining Reimagined: 3 Ways to Improve Your Space

Sidewalk Barriers | Branded Cafe Barriers | Sidewalk Cafe Barricades |(4)

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, outdoor dining is becoming more and more essential for modern restaurants. Not only does it allow customers to enjoy their meals in a pleasant atmosphere, it can also be used as an effective way for restaurant owners to promote their business. By improving an outdoor dining area with […]

Common Problems You Can Solve With Portable Outdoor Barriers

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety and security of their establishments, as well as protect customers from the elements. Portable outdoor barriers can provide a great solution to many common problems business owners face. From creating an orderly queue line outside stores to protecting merchandise from theft or vandalism, these […]

5 Signs Your Restaurant Needs Cafe Barriers

  If you own a restaurant, cafe barriers are an essential part of your outdoor seating area. Not only do they protect from the elements and help to control noise levels, but they also act as a barrier between customers and passersby. Cafe barriers can define your restaurant’s space and provide a more inviting atmosphere. […]

4 Tips For Making Your Sidewalk Cafe Barrier Stand Out

Sidewalk Cafe Barrier Style C Framed Fabric Panel

    Sidewalk cafe barriers are an important part of any cafe because they provide customers with a safe and comfortable environment. But cafe barriers don’t have to be boring or generic – with the right attention to detail, you can make your cafe barrier stand out from the crowd.   Over the past few […]

3 Common Types of Outdoor Movable Barricades

Sidewalk Cafe Barrier Style B Full Fabric Panel

Barricades play a critical role in ensuring the safety of everyone during crowd events. A typical high-quality crowd control barricade controls pedestrian access. It can also provide a smooth flow of human traffic. As we speak, many barricades are on the market, meaning that you choose only the most suitable depending on the outdoor event.  […]

4 Places You Can Install Crowd Control Barriers

Planned special events for business, entertainment, or commemoration can attract many people. Without properly sectioning the grounds, individuals can trespass into a no-go zone space, such as areas undergoing repairs or those with hazards like deep holes. You can control foot traffic at special events by installing crowd control barriers to ensure orderly movement and […]